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DPF/FAP-Diesel particle filter remove/off



Exhaust gas recirculation valves were introduced in the car market as a way to reduce gas emissions. Manufacturers created a way to recirculate already burned exhaust gases over to intake manifold in order to be re-burned and this way lowering their emissions. This is basically the function of a EGR valve. The main problem of this concept is that this exhaust gases bring a lot of engine oils and fumes, that after some time tend to block the intake manifold lowering its efficiency dramatically.



With the increase of cars being equipped with this option in order to obtain a reduction of NOx emissions, and being this expensive to maintain by car owners,we have solution for this.



The name burbles/crackles is in fact the slang name for overrun fuel cut off, basically by adjusting the delay of the FCO and some other modification, its possible to make your car sound different, more sportive and more aggressive. Obviously to use this function we recommend using it in cars equipped with special exhaust pipe.



It is the same as burbles but with a different goal. POPCORN allows our customer to control the sound of rpm limiter, if the desire is to make it sound hard and popping.. Obviously to use this function we recommend using it in cars equipped with special exhaust pipe.



The Evaporative Emission Control System (EVAP) is used to prevent gasoline vapors from escaping into the atmosphere from the fuel tank and fuel system.The most common problem with the EVAP canister is a faulty purge control that causes serious problems.


Exhaust Flap

The Exhaust Flap is a valve installed on the final muffler and this part biggest objective is reducing the noise in a cold start condition. When this solution is applied the valve will be open in any condition. This is also a valid option when final muffler is removed. In some VAG vehicles, this valve is also controlled by selecting the Sport Mode.



The secondary air injection system is there to help clean up the leftovers on the exhaust. Through it's a valve that pumps fresh air from inlet manifold and sends it directly to exhaust. The main problem is that the valve itself, with such hard work for many times, tend to fail.


Torque Monitoring Disable

As you know many tuners face now, with newer ECUs, a new problem the Torque Monitoring function, this function makes ECU detect if the values of Torque are inconsistent with predefined ones and this will make the car go into safe mode when apparently all is OK.



DTC codes off


HOT Start Fix

As we all know after some time of usage and some KMs done, some cars develop a hot start problem and customers complain that engine turns more times now, that it used to turn before, so that the car starts, problems arrive after this in battery (it will drain battery much quicker) and it will cause starter problems and all related parts will also be affected.



Immobilizer is a very important part of newer cars electronics. They assure that the car cannot be stolen and offer some degree of protection to users, but some issues related with it are now a problem in many of today's cars and customers need to pay for a brand new ecu when something goes wrong. Tuners also face some troubles when problems happen, they are forced to use a new original ecu so that they fix these issues.


Readiness Calibration

The Readiness Code is a set of 8 bits, each of which corresponds to one monitored emissions "system" in an OBD-II car. When all readiness bits show "Passed", it means that all systems have been checked and have passed the on-board tests.


Flaps / Swirl

Knowing that some cars have issues with the Flaps / Swirl and the repair costs being high, we allow customers to simply deactivate the flaps by disconnecting them and removing its functionality, this way fixing problems to many car owners that do not want to spend money on a new unit.



Throttle valve actuators regulate the air or mixture supplied for the combustion engine. Depending on the engine concept, this serves different purposes. In the case of petrol engines, speed and power output are regulated by means of fresh air or mixture dosing. Diesel engines generally do not need a throttle valve. However, in modern diesel cars, throttling the amount of intake air facilitates precision control for exhaust gas recirculation and stops the engine from shaking when the ignition is switched off. The TVA is often linked to many problems by our customers.


Sport Displays

BMW Fxx that have sport gauges in central module display with HP/NM can now also be recalibrated automatically to suit new tuned software values, final customers will now be able to see that their car was "really" tuned by checking the new values on sport gauges.


Cold Start Noise

We all know the noise of the engine when we start the car and we can hear, while the lambda is getting hot, and the cold start is acting, the noise of our car is different but if we can eliminate this why not do it?


Start/Stop Disable

Everybody knows that sometimes start/stop can be very annoying, as everytime the car is driven it has to be switched off to avoid car switching itself off.


Speed Limiter/V-MAX

Everybody knows that sometimes start/stop can be very annoying, as everytime the car is driven it has to be switched off to avoid car switching itself off.



This will allow customers to be able to remove lambda errors when new cat is fitted or when removed.


Launch Control

Enabling launch control on your car, automatically setup the software so that until 4-6 KM/H the RPM is limited to 2500-2750rpm. So basically it will control the amount of power on to the wheels until perfect traction is achieved, once the pre determined speed is reached the RPM Limiter will automatically move to normal on RPM and maximum power is passed into wheels.

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